Because occasionally the pure pleasure of vaping requires a touch of elegance and distinction, Drops has launched a suitably refined composition. A selection of the very best tobaccos have been used, which have been expertly blended and with just exactly the right amount of sweetness added. Inviting touches reminiscent of RY4, the combination of its dense vapour, that culminates in a solid hit against the throat, and the full rounded flavour is the magic formula of this liquid. From the very first draw, so enchanted will you be that Fausto’s Deal will have you signing a contract of eternal faithfulness.



60ml, Tripack (3x10ml) and 10ml bottle.


Without nicotine, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml.




60ml PET transparent bottle, (content 50ml), dropper stopper, cap with evidence of manipulation and child proof safety (ISO 8317).

10ml PET Transparent bottle, dropper stopper, cap with evidence of manipulation and child proof safety (ISO 8317), tactile warning triangle for unseeing (ISO 11683).



Sin duda uno de los mejores líquidos para vapear todo el día sin llegar a cansar. Es mi único líquido para vapear. Me ha atrapado y aunque pruebe otros, siempre me quedo con Fausto´s. Si me lo envasan en medio litro me lo compro. 🙂

Esta muy bueno se puede vapear durante todo el dia, da un buen golpe y es bastante “picanton” por llamarlo de alguna manera (no es que sea picante es que no se exactamente como describir esa sensacion tan maja que te deja).

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