Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S )

What ingredients are used in our e-liquids?

The ingredients used are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine of pharmaceutical grade, regulated by the PH EUR (European Pharmacopea) standard, natural aromas and pharmaceutical grade Nicotine, pure of a minimum of 99,5%. We do not use artificial aromas, allergens or ingredients from genetically modified organisms (transgenics)

What’s the ideal condition to keep our e-liquids?

Drops e-liquid must be kept at room temperature in a clean and dry place. Since the ingredients tend to separate if refrigerated, is neither desirable nor required to keep the product in the refrigerator. For the same reason, to leave it exposed to a heat source or sunlight can alter the taste, the consistency or even damage it.

What’s the percentage of each ingredient in PG, VG, aromas, etc.?

It depends of each flavour and the aim sought while manufacturing each flavour of e-liquid. We usually use a 57% of PG and a 33% of VG. Anyway, the remaining composition is confidential and can not be shared. Each of our e-liquids involve many hours in research and development, which gives the unique and genuine Drops flavour, and that other companies could duplicate if we shared our formula.

Does Drops e-liquids contain diacetyl?

Diacetyl is used as an artificial chemical flavouring in some foods and is present in artificial flavours. The continued use of diacetyl increases the chance of developing Alzheimer and cause neurological toxicity.

Unlike others, Drops do not use aromas that have diacetyl, and so this is not present in our e-liquids.liquids.

What is the purpose of the batch number?

The batch number ensures the traceability of all of our e-liquids. This guarantees having a thorough control of the product to prevent and act in the hypothetical event that our product integrity could be compromised in a specific batch.

Can I use an expired e-liquid?

If the expiration date has passed, we recommend that you do not use the e-liquid although the look, smell and colour seem optimal.

Your safety is our main goal, and it should be for you too, above the economic aspect.

What nicotine level should I choose?

There are countless variables that come into play and that we don’t know, so we can’t give an effective answer.

It will depend on each specific case and on aspects such as the amount of cigarettes smoked, the type of cigarette, the amount of time you have been a smoker, etc.

If you have any questions, ask any Drops dealer to advise you. They are qualified professionals that will guide you, so you can make the best decisión.

Where can I buy Drops e-liquids?

In this page you have a section called dealer “Find us”. On it you just have to type your country, province or city in the search box and the distributorss will appear in alphabetical order. The contact details of the dealers, phone number, address and website are available so you can contact them and enjoy Drops.