¿Why Drops? Quality as the main ingredient

Unlimited Flavour

From the first moment that you use a Drops liquid, you can perceive that it is a hard to beat e-liquid. Our experts aroma specialists have accumulated months of painstaking work with a single goal, to provide you an unlimited flavour. It does not matter if you prefer the traditional flavour of the tobacco, the fruits or other flavours. Each liquid manufactured by Drops has the quality to make you enjoy to unexpected limits. Our aromas will seduce your senses from the beginning, transporting you to a feeling of unimaginable pleasure. Be careful, when you taste the flavour of Drops, you will not settle for less!

Great vapour product

The vapour that our e-liquids provide is the most similar to traditional tobacco that you can find. Most electronic cigarette users will agree that, along with the flavour, the vapour production and the throat hit are the elements that determine the quality of an e-liquid.. The quality and quantity of supplied vapour, along with the excellent throat hit, makes Drops an inimitable e-liquids reference. Besides, this vapour production does not diminish even though we use a Drops e-liquid with a lower nicotine concentration.

European quality liquid

All our manufacturing is performed entirely in Spain. We use ingredients of the highest European quality and our process is run under the strict ISO9001:2009 and FSCC22000 regulations.

Our production is done in a duly authorized laboratory, in a controlled environment. To ensure the excellence of our e-liquids, we use only propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine of pharmaceutical grade.

We, unlike others who do not manufacturate their nicotine bases and import them from other geographic areas, create our nicotine bases from scratch in our own laboratory with nicotine of a purity of 99,5% and using only the highest quality standards.

Following production, our e-liquid is stored carefully, respecting the requirements for an optimal preservation. Besides, all of our e-liquids are made with a batch number and expiration date. This ensures our clients that the product they have in their hands meets all the conditions to enjoy it with confidence and to the fullest.

To all this, we add microbiological controls of the aromas and in the various stages of manufacture and/or storage of our e-liquid. This ensures that when you buy your Drops e-liquid, you are betting on the highest standars of quality and safety.

Social commitment

We strongly believe in the commitment with the socially most disadvantaged people and not to look away. n Drops we understand that we can do much more than provide a great quality product. Therefore, we implement a collaboration program with social organizations to which we contribute 10% of the profits. Every time you buy a Drops product, you participate in this initiative. On behalf of many, we thank you for your cooperation.

Together towards a better world!